Berry Awake: Natural Alternative to Common Energy Shots

Created by the natural superfoods experts at Berry Sleepy, Berry Awake is a natural, safe, and effective alternative to energy shots currently dominating the market. Berry Awake harnesses the power of natural fruit extracts, eliminating harmful artificial stimulants and additives to promote the natural production of energy in the human body. Jim Lacey, a noted business leader and expert in the consumer products industry, was critical in the development of this revolutionary product, which takes the success and effectiveness of the Berry Sleepy product line and enters the energy shot market with a healthful alternative.

An alternative to caffeinated energy shots

Traditional energy shots are often packed with caffeine, a substance that stimulates the human nervous system but only provides the illusion of energy. A healthier, more natural alternative can be found in Berry Awake. Berry Awake is a combination of natural superfood extracts and is free of artificial preservatives, sugars, and stimulants.

Berry Awake’s formula was developed from natural fruit extracts rich in vitamins and antioxidants, helping to promote the natural production of energy. Green tea extract is also added to help the body function at optimal energy levels. The result is a sustained level of energy and mental focus, allowing people to take charge of their busy lifestyles.

Berry Awake is sugar-free, avoiding the sugar crash that many users of traditional energy shots experience. The effects of the 100% natural fruit-based energy shot provides gradual, sustained levels of energy, and the effects last for hours without the unpleasant side effects associated with caffeine and other dangerous stimulants.

Berry Awake Natural Energy Shots are available in two flavors: Strawberry and Mixed Berry. Healthy Ventures, the parent company behind these revolutionary products, announced that Orange-Mango and Strawberry-Banana flavors will soon join the Berry Awake family of products.

About Berry Sleepy/Berry Awake

Based in Westlake Village, California, Jim Lacey and Healthy Ventures are a natural products powerhouse. Healthy Ventures is the company behind the success of Berry Sleepy, an all-natural sleep aid originally developed by two tired parents seeking a natural solution to sleepless nights. Jim’s experience in the packaged good industry, coupled with his many successes in developing consumer products, have positioned the company for explosive growth. The company was recently recognized by a leading online publication, receiving a Drug Store News Retail Excellence (REX) Award. The fruit-based natural sleep aid and natural energy shots were singled out from thousands of products in a crowded marketplace. The REX Award was created specifically to provide recognition for consumer products that make positive difference in people’s lives.

Healthy Ventures has recently served as National Gold Sponsors of the Natural Products Expo West, held in Anaheim, California. The company had a product booth and tasting area for event attendees. The company’s leader Jim Lacey was also featured on “Modern Living with Kathy Ireland”, and will continue to receive exposure on the cable-based television show throughout 2018. Berry Awake has transformed the energy shots market, providing a safe, effective alternative to products filled with unnecessary sugars, additives, and artificial stimulants.

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