Jim Lacey Brings Berry Sleepy to Natural Food Expo

lacey-image (1).JPG

Noted snack foods expert and business leader James Lacey was selected to help superfruits sleep aid company Berry Sleepy achieve new levels of success. He and the company attended the Natural Product Expo West 2017 the weekend of March 10-12 in Anaheim, CA. Jim is the Managing Partner of Healthy Ventures, LLC, a company that specializes in helping companies develop new products and new markets. With the Healthy Ventures team coming onboard at Berry Sleepy, industry analysts predict that the company’s sleep aid products will soon reach market dominance in their category.

Berry Sleepy was founded by Greg Doring and Tim Prie and is headquartered in Prairie Village, Kansas. The pair established the company because they were seeking safe ways of getting some sleep while juggling the demands of work and home life with small children. They know the amount of experience Jim has in the consumer packaged goods industry, and saw him as the perfect fit for their company plans. Jim served as the President and CEO of Crunchies Food Company in Westlake Village, California, guiding the company from a small office operation to an industry powerhouse within a decade. Prior to that, he worked with some of the biggest health supplements and consumer products companies in the world. Power Bar, Nestle S.A., Weider Nutrition International, and Gillette are some of a few of the companies Jim has helped over his long career. He has become known in the consumer goods industry for his innovative sales and marketing strategies and his exhaustive knowledge of market conditions. Spotting trends and moving to capitalize on them has proven to be a powerful tool for Jim, especially in the competitive snack foods industry. He has provided expert leadership and seen tremendous growth during his time with Crunchies and with the Snack It Forward company in the greater Los Angeles, California area.

With Jim’s help, the Berry Sleepy duo is moving toward an aggressive growth and expansion phase. The company’s line of products is slated to see further developments as well. Already, new products like the Berry Awake Fruit Energy Shot is eating into markets previously dominated by more established energy drink players. Berry Sleep Veg Caps are a popular choice with customers, and that company stalwart now comes in several package sizes for convenience. A two-serving blister pack of the Veg Caps is a new offering for the firm. Joining the existing products are the Berry Sleep Shots. Each is packed with five grams of probiotics and are available in strawberry and mixed berry flavors.  

James is looking forward to working with the Berry Sleepy team. He believes in the company and its products and wants to see it reach new levels of success. Jim knows that the science behind the company’s products is sound, representing a safer alternative to other sleep aids on the market. By combining the power of superfoods, probiotics, and natural vegetable proteins in their products, the Berry Sleepy company has a bright future with consumers around the globe. To learn more, visit https://www.jamespatricklacey.com.

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