Food Production Industry Spotlight: The Art of Freeze Drying

According to recent studies, freeze dried snacks have taken the world by storm and emerged as one of the most popular food items. These nutritious snacks have been produced by a natural freeze-drying process which incorporates premium reagents such as organic fruits and vegetables. By partnering with local farms, producers of these trending commodities are able to create sustainable sources of consumable goods.

What constitutes the entire process of freeze drying?

  • Pre-treatment
  • Freezing
  • Primary Drying
  • Secondary Drying

Where are some additional resources located?

Fortunately, Jim is an expert in state of the art freeze-drying technology. Over the years, he has learned to refine the overall process of this production method. In 2015, he took his talents to the world renowned corporation known as Sunkist.

Sunkist is one of the most revered brands in the entire world. They have been the epicenter of innovation and quality service. It will be a pleasure to collaborate with such a wonderful company.

As mentioned by Jessica Donnel, James was at the helm of a major snack producer for over 9 years. In his new position at Snack It Forward, he will presume a unique role as Chief Officer of Fruits & Snacks. Who can honestly say that have that title? Only the one and only Jim Lacey of Westlake Village, California.


How can consumers learn more about the snack industry?

First off, almost anyone can follow social media influences within the growing industry. It is the best-kept secret in keeping up with the news in any given market segment. As demonstrated below, learning more about the emerging food industry is now easier than ever. To discover more about recent endeavors, visit here.

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